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* GURU POORNIMA celebration with Vegetarian potluck.  

* KIRTAN every 5th & 6th of the month from 5 to 7 p.m.

Please call, text or email for the address. 

 * MAHA MRITYUNJAI mantra is also chanted every Saturday evening. 

(Sometimes with havan.) 

Send in your name, or names of others if healing is required, to be said at the time of Maha Mrityunjai Mantra chanting. 

* BHAGVAD GEETA is also chanted, one chapter each kirtan, with the discourse by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati. 

A vegetarian/vegan potluck ends the kirtan session.  

Kirtan is bhakti yoga and mantra yoga. Bhakti yoga works on the attitude of the mind - 

the emotions are affected and cleansed - purified to a higher state of being. The base emotions - 

those of jealousy, envy, hatred, anger are slowly removed with kirtan and mantra yoga - 

the science of sound vibration 'spandan'. The personality is refined. 

This happens just through participation in kirtan. 

There is no effort put in to this refining that occurs. 

Singing kirtan whole heartedly is the process which leads to changes 

in our mental attitude, emotions and perspective effortlessly. 

What one moves towards is 'atmabhava'  the feeling of oneness, universality.

You are welcome to bring instruments, percussion, lots of attitude, potluck.

(It is not necessary to have a singing voice.)


Every last Saturday of the month: 8:30 a.m.


Please register via email or telephone or via the registration form on this website.

Email: Tel: (512) 940 1510.


What are shatkarmas? 'Shat' means six. 'Karma' means action.

Traditionally in hatha yoga there are six shatkarmas that were taught.

The shatkarmas work on the sinuses, removing matter and mucous; Can help with airborn allergies. Also eyesight can improve sometimes. Tensions can be removed. The mind too can become clearer, focus better and can become lazer sharp with the proper practice of the appropriate shatkarma.

The bronchii tubes can be removed of mucous. Breathing can improve. Increase in oxygen for brain and body. The emotions too can be effected by becoming calmer, more balanced, traumas may be removed. The digestive system and metabolism may become more efficient. Shatkarmas can be wonderful to remove depression.

Not all the shatkarmas are suitable for everyone. There are restrictions for health issues. For example one shatkarma may be good for sufferers of high blood pressure, where as another shatkarma is not suitable for high blood pressure. Please inform us of health issues - physical and mental when registering for shatkarmas. This is important to serve you better. 




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