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Yoga for Children, ages 7 to 12. Yoga for home, school or play. "Harmony of head, heart and hands."
Yoga starts at the age of 8 - +. Just as we don't go to school as adults, but as children.
 The growth and development of the child can be balanced and monitored with yoga practice on a regular basis.
It is at the age of 8, research has shown, that the pineal gland starts to atrophy. The deterioration of the pineal gland results in sickness, old age and death. To prolong and somewhat prevent the pineal gland from atrophying yoga practices are introduced to children.
Adults find yoga practice so beneficial and in actuality adults have missed the bus.
Imagine how beneficial yoga practice can be for a child.
The best a parent can do for one's child is to enroll the child into a yoga class for children at the age of 8. 
Transition from childhood to adoloscence to adulthood can be easier, less traumatic and smoother.
The highest potential of each child can be developed. 

Yoga for Kids (Children ages 7 to 12).
The natural yogi within each child is encouraged and maintained in  yoga classes for children.
Yoga is taught to children scientifically, methodically.
A structured class of authentic yoga, which includes fun, imagination, enthusiasm, care and compassion.
Yoga helps kids scholastically, mentally (great for concentration and focus, enhancing memory). Excellent too for ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia;
Physically for good health, with sports and athletics;
Creatively with writing, science, art, music, drama, life;
with Behavior and making wise choices; also for OTC;
Removes tensions and chronic fatigue.
Excellent for the growing child.
 - Yoga for home, school or play.
 Where? - Locations:
 Registration is required for all classes.
 1. Monday 5 to 6 p.m.
at Westover Hills Club, 2nd floor - NW location.

(8706 Westover Club Dr., Austin, TX 78759) 

Ages 7 to 12.

2. Sunday 5 p.m.

  Steiner Ranch

   Steiner Ranch, Towne Square, Community Center, 12250 Country Trails Ln., Austin, TX, 78732

 KIDS YOGA - Ages 7 to 12.

3. Sai Temple
2509 West New Hope Drive, Cedar Park (Austin), Texas 78613.
Sunday: 10 to 10:30 a.m.  
SIX WEEK SESSION June 5th to July 10th, 2011.
(This current session is now full). 
Ages: 7 to 12.

Tel: (512) 266 7753

Email: for inquiries, classes, bookings.

 Registration is required for all classes.  


You may wish for us to teach in your area. Please contact us and we shall add a location in your area. 

You may wish for us to teach yoga in your school and school district. 

Y.E.S. (Yoga Education in Schools) does this.

Call (512) 266 9862 or Email:

Fax: (512) 266 7753. 

Inform the school / school district too, as this helps to expedite yoga classes. 

Y.E.S. also trains school teachers how to incorporate yoga at school and for P.E.

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Private classes are also available at your home.

(For 2 to 4 people and within 20 mile radius of Austin city.)