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Yoga is taught comprehensively to all levels. Yoga practices are for body, mind, emotions, energy and spirit. Yoga for contemporary needs. Yoga practices taught to you are foundation practices which are then built upon; for you to progress as per your level of capability, be it physical, mental, or otherwise; the practices you learn in class do not require you to be acrobatic, atheletic or a gymnast, they are not challenging; Satyananda Yoga (TM) , Bihar School of Yoga practices are such that one is able to handle with equanimity and balance the challenges that exist in life. 
The practices are suitable to one's needs and pace. Therapeutic benefits also occur (provided the yoga teacher has been provided with complete information pertaining to the student and no information regarding health has been witheld). The effects of yoga are positive - such as good health at the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual levels.

Monday: 6:45 to 8:15  p.m.

Beyond Beginner level, adults (20 & over).

(8706 Westover Club Dr., Austin, TX 78759) 

Tuesday: 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. 

** Beginner level class for ages 18 & over. 

 at AOMA, south location, Mind-Body Center, 4701 West Gate Blvd Austin, TX 78745. 

* To register for this class, click on the link below.  

Wednesday: 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. 

Seniors' Yoga. 

Use of a chair is possible.

Two times a month. Check AARC calendar. 

AARC, 8401 Cameron Road, 78754. 

Thursday: 10:15 to 11:15 a.m.

Beyond Beginner, also for pre-natal, Seniors,

those on & off with yoga, those requiring a gentle, relaxing class.

Bella Mar Community Center
Address: Off Quinlan Park Road on Bella Mar Trail. 

5:30 to 6:30 p.m.  

** Beginner level class: for Adults (ages 18 & over), 

at AOMA, Mind-Body Center, 4701 West Gate Blvd Austin, TX 78745. 

* To register for this class, click on the link below.  

7 to 8:15 p.m. 

Advanced level for adults. 

For those with previous experience of Bihar School of Yoga practices or its equivalent. 

An interview prior to attendance & approval granted to attend classes by the yoga teacher prior to attendance is required. 

10 class purchase for $126 to be completed within 4 months. 

No drop-ins. This is for your safety & welfare.  

Soma Vida, 1210 Rosewood Avenue, 78702.  

 Saturday: 5:15 to 6:15 p.m.

** Beginner level. 

Basics of yoga, foundation practices to remove toxins, tensions, strengthen, increase flexibility, balance: physical & mental, improve health, concentration, focus, memory, equanimity, lifestyle, quality of life, prepares one for the next level in yoga, if recommended to do so.  

Suitable for those new to yoga, also for those with physical limitations & restrictions, therapeutic needs, on & off with yoga, pre or post natal, seniors, for those who have missed the basics in yoga & for those wanting a gentle, relaxed class.  

 Bodhi Healing Arts Studio, 2013 - A, West Anderson Lane, 78757.



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 Poses, Pranayama, Yama, Niyamas are external practices (bahir anga);
Pratyahara practices are in between - external (bahir anga) & internal (antar anga);
Dharana, Dhyana & Samadhi are internal practices (antar anga).
Poses (asana), are taught which help the skeleton, muscles, joints, organs & systems. This is done when tensions & stress are removed on a daily basis. With the regular balanced practice of yoga the 11 anatomical systems can be brought into balance and good health. If good health exists, this can be maintained. Awareness too increases with the practice of poses. We become more conscious of our physical body; more in tune with it.
A slight build up of tensions or imbalance can be removed early on, before they can become full blown into an illness or disease. Prevention is 99% of the cure. Regular, mindful, practice of yoga poses carefully done.
Breathing practices (pranayama), are important for the mind; Mental balance; also for energy - Pranashakti. 
When the tensions from daily living get overwhelming, the practice of pranayama helps to settle these - has a balancing effect. Panic attacks can be lessened, removed.
Shatkarmas (detox practices can help with sinuses, phlegm, excess bile, gas, toxic matter in the intestines, allergies (beneficial for living in Austin), bronchitis, asthma, endocrine system, depression) are taught. Tensions - physical, mental, emotional, energetic are removed. They also regulate the 'doshas' (air, water, fire elements) which our body, mind, emotions & energy operate on. Only the important shatkarma practices necessary for contemporary needs and for contemporary living are taught. 
Mudras (postural gestures) suitable to one's level and progress are taught systematically & scientifically. They help prevent the dissipation of energy, prana or chi. 
Bandhas (postural locks) are also taught only as per suitable to one's level & health. Bandhas help with the redirection of prana. Prana first has to be refined and only then can be redirected. To prevent body / mind damage, this is taught at the discretion of the yoga teacher, with feedback from the yoga student, minus coerxion; yet ultimately the decision of the yoga teacher, for the welfare of the yoga student.
Relaxation practices (pratyahara) are important for further removal of tensions, stress, anxiety, trauma, imbalances which may exist at the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual levels. Some illnesses are somato-psycho or psycho-somatic; It is possible for these to be eliminated or lessened with pratyahara techniques. Practices such as shavasana, yoga nidra, nada yoga are important to move on to the next stage which is dharana. 
"One must remember that teachings, no matter how precious, are of little value if they remain confined to knowledge and memory. A teaching or an experience is only of relevance if one can utilize it to improve and transform the quality of one's life and of those around one. Only then can one grow as an individual only then can one open one's heart, and only then will one receive the blessings." Swami Suryaprakash, Bihar School of Yoga.
Yoga is an experiential science. Pratyahara techniques are a crucial part of yoga practices. We are under the grips of our senses and mind. We cannot say that we are masters of our senses and mind. Only a person who can do this is a yogi. Constant sense gratification and inability to stay focused are the bane of our society today. The need for continuous bombardment to the senses and the mind prevent us from going within and keep us bound to the external environment and slaves of our body and mind. Tensions result and increase, which create a variety of imbalances, leading to illnesses. The way is then definately to move inwards.
"The happiness you are searching for lives within; it is not outside." Swami Satyananda's New Year message 2008.
Concentration techniques and practices (Dharana) are practices that help us to move inwards. Innitially they help with focus, increasing awareness, memory, concentration. ADD, Dyslexia too can be helped. Dharana is an important stage for the yoga student. It prepares one to move inwards effortlessly, safely, if the ground work has been done systematically, regularly, methodically, accurately.
Pre-Meditation and Meditation practices (Dhyana) are taught when the yoga student (sadhak) is ready. Balance of Mind & Body are necessary to achieve and then this yields to the culmination of meditation. If balance is not achieved, one can stay seated in a meditation pose for hours with no result. Bihar School of Yoga classes are geared towards the achievement of stillness of body and mind for every yoga student (provided the practices are done accurately, step by step and regularly). Only then can yoga begin. Prior to this is preparatation.
Regular attendance of yoga classes is hence very important. Regular practice of what is taught in class is also important. Self effort and selflessness are requirements for the true experience of yoga.  

Registration required for all classes please.

Drop-ins are welcome. 

Call 5129401510



"Harmony of Head, Heart and Hands" Bihar School of Yoga,
Swami Satyananda Saraswati.