Satyananda Yoga Center


Yoga Education in Schools (Y.E.S.) is excellent for kids, children, teens in school. 
Y.E.S. teaches yoga practices to children & teens to help make learning & test taking effortless and fun.
Concentration, focus, memory can be enhanced. Nervousness, tensions can be removed. 
Y.E.S. helps children and teens to develop latent potential. 
Behavior, emotions, energy too can be balanced. 
Yoga practices scheduled in schools on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis are an important assest to any child or teen. 

Yoga classes for teachers & councellors too can be arranged weekly or bi-weekly. 
Practices of yoga can be taught to teachers & councellors in workshops which can be used by teachers and councellors on children in class or in counselling sessions. 

Tel: (512) 266 9862

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