Satyananda Yoga Center




Pre-Natal Yoga

Steiner Ranch

Bella Mar, Community Center
12401 Bella Mar Trail, Austin, TX, 78732

Thursday 9 a.m.

(Spring & Fall)

Tel: (512) 266 7753

Pre-Natal yoga is taught by Bihar School of Yoga teacher who also did pre-natal yoga during pregnancy and whose mother also did pre-natal yoga. 

Two generations of pre-natal yoga carrying it forward.

You are welcome to bring your own mat, blanket, cushions, water, snack.

Registration is required.

 A doctor's clearance is necessary which also states the trimester (or weeks) of the pregnancy. if there are any complications, these too need to be mentioned in the doctor's letter. The practices then given will be appropriate for the health and well being of baby and mother to be.

Pre-Natal yoga helps the Mom to be and baby. Health and energy are restored and maintained; Stress and tensions, anxiety are managed; Relaxation techniques taught can be practiced when needed; Morning /evening sickness can also be managed with the regular practice of yoga. 

Practices are specifically for those who are pre-natal. For safety the pregnant lady needs to stick to the practices which are safe for the trimester she is in. 

If there are health and medical issues (physical or mental), we need to know of these, to take better care of you and baby.

We are not responsible if safety of practices is not adhered to and/or information is witheld.