Satyananda Yoga Center




Yoga for Seniors (65 +) is taught safely, appropriately for those who are of this age group. 

Health issues, physical limitations are considered. Chairs are available to sit on for yoga practices - getting down on to the floor is not necessary. 

The yoga practices taught in this class can help with health, posture, getting about more easily, sleep, pain management, energy, morale. 


Mrs. B "I was able to stand up straighter, my step was lighter, stronger."
"I could sleep and relaxed even with pain, which I hadn't done for years."
"When the time came closer to moving on my mother was not afraid or anxious. She was calm, accepting, & looked forward to the next stage that we go to."  Mrs. D.W.
Registration required.
Tel: (512) 266 7753
Alternate Mondays at Steiner Ranch at 10:30 a.m.
in Towne Square community room. 
Please check Saiva schedule for exact dates.
Alternate Saturdays at Sai Temple at 11 a.m.
Please check with Saiva schedule for exact dates.